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The Building Freedom Podcast

The Building Freedom Podcast with Randy Stanbury was created for the busy Custom Homebuilder, Contractor or Trade who finds themself stuck running on the hamster wheel and struggles to find the time to stop spinning their wheels.

Latest Episodes


At 23, this Toronto based entrepreneur founded GenCorp Homes, a Luxury Custom Home Builder and Prestige Project Management Firm. In this podcast, you’ll discover what allowed him to drive massive growth in his business in one short year.

March 9, 2020


If you want to discover how you can innovate in your market and outshine your competitors, this is an episode you cannot miss. Everything from the necessary mindset, to the actions you can take immediately, will be discussed. You’ll have the understanding you need to make a serious impact, not just in your marketplace, but in your life.

March 2, 2020


Too often business owners focus exclusively on creating customers and building their business. This is, of course, essential to success. But regardless of your business, your role or your industry; if you want to increase your level of success, you must build a personal brand.

Feb 24, 2020