At 23, this Toronto based entrepreneur founded GenCorp Homes, a Luxury Custom Home Builder and Prestige Project Management Firm. In this podcast, you’ll discover what allowed him to drive massive growth in his business in one short year.

March 9, 2020


If you want to discover how you can innovate in your market and outshine your competitors, this is an episode you cannot miss. Everything from the necessary mindset, to the actions you can take immediately, will be discussed. You’ll have the understanding you need to make a serious impact, not just in your marketplace, but in your life.

March 2, 2020


Too often business owners focus exclusively on creating customers and building their business. This is, of course, essential to success. But regardless of your business, your role or your industry; if you want to increase your level of success, you must build a personal brand.

Feb 24, 2020


Some entrepreneurs and business owners run on the hamster wheel of their business day in and day out. They’re hardworking, highly skilled, and have years worth of satisfied clients … so why haven’t they earned their freedom? I sat down with Dean Jackson to dissect this question. 

Feb 17, 2020


We’ve all heard the saying that the secret to success in business is all about “working smarter, not harder!” However, for most entrepreneurs, that’s easier said than done. But not to worry my friends, because I’m about to share with you a nifty little secret that will help just about any business owner “level the playing field.”

Feb 10, 2020


How are some entrepreneurs reaching stratospheric success, while others struggle quarter-to-quarter and sometimes even fail? The secret may be one of the biggest game-changers for any business. It’s when the entrepreneur or owner takes the time to invest in themselves, which has a ripple effect throughout the entire business. 

Feb 3, 2020


If the mere thought of all the roles and responsibilities you have in your business makes your head spin, you probably need some ideas to reduce your stress and increase your freedom. In this episode, Randy Stanbury breaks down a simple three-step approach that works for both your personal and professional life. It’s how Lee-Anne Arkell, founder of Peekaboo Child Care, built an empire in an industry where she had no experience. 

Jan 27, 2020


In this episode, he talks to Stefanie Coleman. After a career in the fashion industry, Stephanie Coleman took what some might think of as a dramatic turn and became the founder and owner of Pretty Smart Homes in St. Thomas, Ontario. At the time of this writing, she is also President of the Canadian Home Builders Association and has 15 years of experience as a renovation contractor

Jan 20, 2020


Have you ever wondered how some businesses always seem to operate smoothly and win every client over? There are many keys to success in the contracting industry, but intelligent conversations are often overlooked as one of the most powerful tools in the toolbox. In this episode, you’ll explore the power of how more effective, intelligent and intentional conversations can improve business and client relationships for better results.

Jan 13, 2020


Have you ever considered selling your business? How about buying another one? Mergers and acquisitions are a great way to grow your business and their not just for the mega-companies either. The preparation for selling your business involves many steps that are worth implementing whether you sell or not. This episode explains how making your business “sellable” will also make it more profitable – and show you what it takes to get there.

Jan 06, 2020


Have you considered how much your personal health and wellness can impact your business? Why is it that successful entrepreneurs always seem to be so fit and healthy? It’s simple. The more energy you have, the more productive you can be. Less brain fog and junk food results in more clarity and motivation to get going every day and more importantly, to keep going.

Dec 30, 2019


Do you dream of no longer grinding out the day to day work in your business? Would you like to know the simplest approach for systematically growing your business, without compromising the quality of your service? Well, then you’re going to love this approach because it focuses on just four areas: your team, your systems, your brand, and your clients.

Dec 23, 2019


When managing a business that deals with client interaction, managing employees who are performing services for your customers, and striving to grow your business to the next level, what is needed to overcome problems as well as help you flourish? In a word, it would be “WOW”. In many ways, great service has become a lost art. Most clients and customers have come to expect a certain level of upset, or frustration.

Dec 16, 2019


What’s the one thing every contractor, entrepreneur, and business owner has in common? The desire for freedom. It’s why we choose to go into business for ourselves. But is there a clear cut way to get to freedom? Does it look differently for different people and different business models? Are there things ANYONE can do TODAY to GUARANTEE FREEDOM? The answer to all these questions is YES! 

Dec 9, 2019


Are you a business owner looking to grow your business exponentially? Are you hungry for growth in every facet of your life? No matter what stage you’re at in your business, growth is not only possible but attainable. Randy’s expertise and systematic approach to business growth, provides great insights to entrepreneurs and especially owners of contracting businesses looking to grow.

Dec 2, 2019


Entrepreneurs often wear many hats to make sure everything gets done. But what if you could do better? Have more time? How do you optimize your time management so your 24 hours are more profitable than just busy? In this episode, Randy Stanbury from 4 Level Coach and Jim Kaloutas from Kaloutas Painting discuss methods that will help you level up your business and get more out of your busy hours then just check marks on your daily to-do list.

Nov 13, 2019