Are you a business owner looking to grow your business exponentially? Are you hungry for growth in every facet of your life? No matter what stage you’re at in your business, growth is not only possible but attainable. In this episode, CEO and Founder of 4 Level Coach, Randy Stanbury answers these questions and more. Randy’s expertise and systematic approach to business growth, provides great insights to entrepreneurs and especially owners of contracting businesses looking to grow. In this episode, Randy shares how Brian Young of Home Painters Toronto, grew his business from losing profit margins and cold calling leads to exponential growth. You’ll discover what it takes to optimize personal and professional growth from Randy and Brian’s decades of combined experience!

Brian Young is the President and Founder of Home Painters Toronto, a leading painting contractor in the Greater Toronto Area since 1991. He is very passionate about the painting industry and dedicates a good portion of his time educating clients on various aspects of it, so they can make better, more informed decisions when wanting to better their most prized investment, their homes. Brian is also in hot demand for his views on entrepreneurship and business. He’s been recently featured in many publications including,, Small Biz Trends, CRM Magazine,, The Globe and Mail, and various video interviews and podcasts.

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