In this episode, Randy talks with Daniel Swift, the President of BSB Design, a nationally recognized planning and design firm with offices in major markets from coast to coast. Founded in 1966, the firm provides architecture, land planning and a wide range of supporting services to for-profit builders and developers throughout the United States and abroad. Dan is an award-winning architect with experience in many different residential product types including single-family, multifamily, and mixed-use.

He has developed a vast knowledge of, and sensitivity to, the changing trends of the industry. As President of BSB Design, Dan oversees the firm’s design and business development efforts in multiple markets nationwide. Dan’s deepest area of involvement is setting design direction and innovation implementation with the leaders of the top 10 publicly traded builders in the US. Over the past 20 years, Dan has helped the firm develop and fine-tune its unique design consultation process, providing builders with quality designs and product programming in a compressed time frame-often accomplishing more in one week than many architectural firms can in months

What is one, single, action any entrepreneur or business owner can take that they will guarantee they stand out in the marketplace? The answer, innovate. Most business owners focus on operating the business and making sure it’s built and running properly. Well, there is a huge difference between operation and innovation. Understanding the difference between these two concepts can skyrocket your business and help you stand apart from your competitors. In this episode, Randy Stanbury, CIO, and Founder of 4 Level Coach discuss these differences with Dan Swift, President, and CEO of BSB Design.

 If you want to discover how you can innovate in your market and outshine your competitors, this is an episode you cannot miss. Everything from the necessary mindset, to the actions you can take immediately, will be discussed. You’ll have the understanding you need to make a serious impact, not just in your marketplace, but in your life.

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