In this episode, Randy talks with a graduate of Sault Ste Marie College with a degree in Residential Building Construction and Home Inspection, GenCorp owner Lucas Munn has been a presence on building sites from a young age. He has an ingrained passion for quality construction and unique design. His hands-on approach assures homeowners their projects will meet and surpass their expectations upon completion.

As a premium luxury home builder, GenCorp Homes places a valuable focus on quality, service and a discerning eye for detail.  Servicing the GTA and surrounding areas, GenCorp relies upon a hand-picked team of industry-leading professionals, suppliers, and tradesmen to ensure each project delivers uncompromised results for clients on a timely basis and adhering to contractual budgetary guidelines. GenCorp Homes directs clients through the understanding and appreciation of design and flow, the necessity of innovative and functional design, and the important investment in high-quality building standards and processes. Contact GenCorp Homes today at 416 522.9490 or

Randy Stanbury Owner of 4 Level Coach Ltd and Lucas Munn Owner of Gencorp Homes discuss how everyone has fears, Randy quotes Dan Sullivan’s famous line, at some point, everyone wets their pants, there are just those that go forward with wet pants. 

Lucas talks about where he was 4 months ago compared to now. He was questioning if he wanted to expand his business fast or with too many people. He quickly realized you can’t properly grow and scale without putting the right people in place. Lucas had a massive mindset shift, in that some jobs he had originally expected to do himself for the first few years, he is now thinking how to get these done without his involvement. Lucas was going to do all the bookkeeping, and after doing a few he realized he’s not good at that….he realized he’s good at meeting new clients and sales. He let go and allowed someone else to do that, who is also an expert in that area. 

Randy often hears entrepreneurs say “well I can do the bookkeeping, if I hire someone to do it, that will just be an added cost, I’ll make time at night or on the weekends, etc” but the reality is your probably not good at it, and there are so many other vital aspect of your business that your time is so much more valuable to be spent on those items. You need to know the priorities of your business that at 4 Level Coach we call vitals, these are the items that are needle movers, aka – actions that are going to drive sales, or results in some area, that makes a big impact. 

Lucas reflects on what he wasn’t doing at the beginning, one example he uses is his sales client package, which he never really had time for before. 

Randy discusses how sometimes entrepreneurs will tell themselves that they don’t want to grow quickly as a mechanism to protect themselves from failure, it’s almost like a way to convince yourself that growth is not what you want, so if you don’t get it, you are not failing in any way.

Randy discusses the importance of desire, how it is critical in any business. You need a reason to get up in the morning and feel like it’s not a chore. To live with passion is much easier than to do something you are not passionate about.

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